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Ben Thompson.

Director of Photography

- Red Dragon Owner/Operator

- Six years industry experience 

- Broadcast/ Documentary/ Corporate/ Commercial/ Narrative 

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Ben Thompson.
A Midlands based, professional lighting camera operator, with six years industry experience shooting a range of Corporate, Commercial and Branded video content, covering various genres such as Commercials, Narrative and Documentary. 

My career began in 2014, initially as a Camera Trainee. I worked on various Studio shows, including QuestionTime and eventually worked my way into Drama and Features as a loader. Since then, I moved onto Camera, mostly for single or two camera Corporate jobs, for the likes of the NHS and other independent commissions. To date, I've operated and DP'd several low budget Features, Commercials, Documentaries and now come provided with my own RED Dragon. 



RED Dragon + Sigma Cine Art Package

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